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Why People Enjoy Sending Nudes Over Mobile Devices

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Sexting or sending nude pics is considered a universal language. The question of why people enjoy sending nudes over mobile devices does not have a natural response. Is it to get sheer horniness, or it is due to the motive that drives people to send nude pics.

In a research conducted by Morgan Johnstobaugh of the University of Arizona, researched asked that question, what makes people send nude pics in the first place- and does the incentive differ for women and men?

To do the research, Morgan has over 1,000 students from various schools fill out a form online, asking them on their underlying principle for sending nudes. Morgan considered two primary motivators; desire for empowerment through sext and outside pressure to share, meaning sending nude pictures to improve their confidence.

The most popular reason for sending nude pictures- to turn on the recipient- was approximately similar for women 73 percent and men, which is 67 percent. In the same way, 40 percent of men and women replied that they send a nude photo to gratify the receiver’s request. Research also found that men are feeling pressure to share nude or naked pictures.

But the possibilities were 4 times higher for females than males to tell that they sent nude pictures to avoid the receiver from losing interest or stop the person from searching or looking at pictures of others.

asian girl taking selfie from above

However, as with other things that involve sex, the female relationship with sending nude pics or sexting is complex that, “he requested for a naked, I sent one.” The researcher discovered that the possibilities were also higher for females, showing that they send nude as a way to feel empowered. Females are more likely to say that they send nude to enhance their confidence.

People may find sending nude or bare pictures empowering as they can make a space where they feel safe showing and expressing their sexuality as well as showing their body. Therefore, sometimes, people send nude images as a way to avow sexual agency. This reason is also why many females are applying to become a sugar baby on sites like Seek Daddies.  This finding is important, considering that all the news stories emphasize the negative results of sending nude in … Continue...

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How to Take a Nude Selfie

girl about to take naked photo

Snapping some sexy pictures of yourself can be exciting and fun and also assists you in feeling more confident and beautiful in your skin. Prior to beginning taking nude pictures, do your makeup and hair, get some erotic clothing, and set the view for the photography session. To view a ton of examples, head to the website Porn Pics Now. You have to relax and enjoy the moment of capturing a new nude picture of yourself.

Natural Light is Advisable

A lot of nude or sexy selfies happen under the curtain of dusk; however, you must always consider the flattering sunlight. This is far kinder to stripped flesh than non-natural bulbs and provides a soft shine that will not create vicious shadows in the wrong places. Yes, you may flash your neighbors through showing your naked body in front of your window; however, this short-term awkwardness would not hold a candle to the undeniable joy from those who will see your nude picture.

Keep Away from Overhead Light 

You must keep away from the malicious overhead light. For women, there is an extra-unflattering shade to the breast area, while men will experience an unkind shadow that can cover up your testicular parts of the frame. A picture of dick is not a picture of dick without a dash of testicles. If a cruel fluorescent environment is inescapable, switch on your flash to drown out the terrible lighting.

Mind the Framing

A clear background is vital. Make sure you don’t have anything weird behind you, which will take away the focus from your bold body.

Get the Right Angles

This will depend on the context of the naked image. If you want a classy candid shot of your nude body, avoid using angles-only shoot straight on. If you have a plan of taking a nude self, which shows your manhood, it is highly advisable to opt to a long angle shot. This will appear bigger in the frame.

Stand Straight

The body will look amazing when presented standing. Taking a nude or sexy selfie while you are sitting on a table will provide any normal person discarded flab or rolls and cart off from the inherent loveliness of the genital on display.

Be Creative

girl on bed taking creative selfie

Not … Continue...

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How To Take Great Photos With Your Mobile Phone

Photography is an art form that can be taken to the next level with the right tools and techniques. Smartphones have taken over the photography world. They are now the preferred camera for many people. 

In this article, we will show you how to take great photos with your mobile phone.

Find a Good Location

The first step for taking great photos is finding a good location. When you are looking for a photo opportunity, don’t just look for a place with a good view. Look for interesting surroundings that can be incorporated into your photo.

For example, if you are taking a photo of a cityscape, look for buildings that stand out from the rest. If you are taking a photo of a person, find a place where they will stand out from the rest.

Take Shots in Multiple Senses    Not all photos need to be in color. Some photos can be taken in black and white or in sepia tones to give them an old-fashioned look. You can also take photos in HDR (high dynamic range)

Frame the Photo

When taking a photo, always frame it so that the subject is in the center of the frame. This will give your photo a more professional look. Especially when you want to send some sexy nude pictures to your partner during your sexy nude selfie moments.

Keep your subject in the center of the frame. This will give your photo a more professional look and make it easier to crop later on if you need to. Use a tripod if you have one. It will help to keep your photo steadier.

Use Natural Light

If you are shooting in natural light, always try to find a shady spot or a window that lets in a little light. This will give your photo a more natural look.  Be Patient Sometimes it is difficult to get good photos because the lighting is not right or the subject is not cooperative. Don’t be discouraged, just keep trying different angles and different settings until you find something that works.

Use Proper Equipment

When taking photos, always use proper equipment. This will help to give your photos a more professional look. For example, if you are taking a … Continue...

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iOS 15: What We Know

iOS 15 is Apple’s new mobile operating system, which is expected to be released in September. There is a lot of details about iOS 15 to share about. We will write about iOS 15: What we know

iOS 15 is officially here! The release of these three new phones (the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X) marked the tenth anniversary of the iPhone lineup, and we’re expecting iOS 15 to add even more features.  

Features of iOS 15

Apple’s next major iOS update, dubbed iOS 15, is expected to include a slew of new features. The main focus will likely be on performance, with features like time-saving app shortcuts, smoother scrolling, and speedier app launches all expected to be part of the update. Other top features include updated Siri, a smarter HomeKit, and more. It brings new features, new emojis, better security features, and a lot of new apps. The only problem is that while Apple’s latest software is cool, it contains a lot of hidden features that we have only heard about. You have to do a lot of digging in order to find them, but that kind of depth is what makes both developers and Apple fans alike addicted to the new version of iOS.

The latest iOS update is here, and it brings with it a handful of new features and changes as Apple continues to refine the software that powers our iPhones and iPads. iOS 15 brings with it a handful of new features and changes, including Night Shift, which changes the color temperature of your display at night, turning it from blue to yellow. The update also brings with it a new feature that helps you discover the best deals at the mall when you’re in the mall.

With iOS 15, Apple is changing the way developers and consumers interact with the operating system. The biggest changes in iOS 15 are under the hood, but there are also smaller tweaks that you will notice as soon as you upgrade. One of the biggest changes will be the addition of a dark theme for the lock screen, but there are many other subtle changes that will be other changes that you will notice as soon as you upgrade.… Continue...

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Best Privacy Apps for Your Phone

Keeping your phone secure and safe is very important today. It is also a key priority for everyone and a huge challenge at this point, as well. Smartphone owners prefer losing their wallets than losing their phones. The amount of sensitive information- private messages, contacts, photos, and others they carry on the phone makes it a far more essential thing to feel safe about than your wallet. What is more, a savvy attacker does not even require physical access to the device to get information.

Privacy is a big concern online, most particularly with the remarkable growth in cooking tracking for data collection and online marketing purposes. Additionally, phone users have the extra issue of rogue apps, which may try to tap into your personal info directly.

In order to keep your privacy safe and sound, there are apps, as well as browsing settings, which assist in mitigating some of these problems. On the other hand, if you are serious about security, anonymity as well as privacy, then perhaps you need to consider the best privacy apps for your phone.

Here are the most reliable privacy apps for phone

Express VPN

A virtual private network or VPN for short is a remarkable privacy app that you must consider. This not just hide IP address from the apps and sites which you utilize but also hide apps and websites you utilize from your internet service provider. VPN also allows you to act as if you are in another location that is vital for unblocking geo-restricted content.

This is one of the best privacy apps available today. It is fast and has more than 160 server locations in various countries, and customer service is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


Big search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google engage in leakage wherein the search keyword you used might be shared with third parties like the websites you visit. Also, they often save search history with info and timestamp of your phone, which means your searches might be monitored and traced. Oftentimes they put virtual cookies to record your search habits on the phone.

DuckDuckGo functions as a drop-in replacement for the default search engine. Your searches are safe and don’t leak to … Continue...

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