Secure Chat Apps

A lot of people exchange information all over the world daily. However, how many of them know what happens to their messages after sending them? Is it being hacked by other users?

The truth of the matter is that, not only hacking, and we live in a time of data logging and online surveillance. Organizations and agencies often want to access private communication.

To handle these problems, there has been an augmented number in secure chat apps. These apps are intended to keep your privacy safe and unharmed. The makers do thy by means of launching end to end encryption features. If confidentiality is vital for you, then check out the best secure chat apps for your phone below. These secure chat apps can be downloaded safely and give utmost safety to your data.


for those who are using an iPhone and are searching for the best secure chat apps, then iMessage is the best option. It is integrated with end to end encryption as well as takes other measures to secure your online chats.

Aside from the iPhone, iMessage is also compatible with macOS devices and iPads. Meaning, it is firmly linked to the Apple ecosystem. When it comes to security, iMessage is packed with lots of features like Memoji and AR-powered Animoji stickers, user-friendly interface, and a whole lot more.

One vital feature is that you are allowed to put in YouTube videos, photos, Spotify links, and videos in the messages without the need to leave the app. This app is popular amongst iPhone or iOS users. This is not accessible to Android users.

Viber Messenger

This is considered a cross-platform messaging app that was originally available on iPhone devices. This app initially appeared on the Android platform in the year 2012, followed by Windows and Blackberry phones. This app has introduced the end to end encryption service on various platforms like android, iOS, PC as well as Mac.

The best thing about this app is that it utilizes a color-coded system to reveal how secured a chat is. Grey color indicates encrypted communication. Red informs you that there is something wrong with the authentication key, and green color stands for encrypted communication with a reliable contact. Also, you can pick to hide specific chats from the screen as well as access later on.

Aside from being well-secure chat apps, also it offers you the ability to play games, share contacts and media files, follow public accounts as well as switch on location. It has millions of users from all parts of the globe, and the best thing about it is that you can use it for free.


This is considered one of the safest and popular chat apps for iOS and Android phones trusted by billions of users from all over the world. The strong encryption system of this app makes sure that the sender, as well as recipient, solely reads the message. This is equipped with all types of remarkable features, such as the facility in sending voice messages, videos, photos, video calls, GIFS, location sharing, and group chats. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy to handle.

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